What Is Solavei? The Basics Of Solavei 

What Is Solavei? A curious person may ask. Well, Solavei is an innovative company that built a network marketing, or MLM scheme, around its product. Its product is simple and necessary: cellphone plans that offer great value for money.
When you compare cellphone plans around the United States, you would be hard-pressed to find better plans than Solavei's. Solavei plans are not only filled with everything that a cellphone end-user could need, it is also powered with an earnings scheme that is possibly the first of its kind.
What Is Solavei Cellphone Service?
Before we get you interested in the Solavei earnings schemes, we'll show you the value for money that Solavei users could enjoy. For $49, each Solavei Service Member gets: 
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS texts
  • 4GB of 4G Internet data allowance every billing cycle
If these alone won't show you the great value for money that Solavei can offer, we don't know what will.
What Is Solavei Earning Scheme?

Solavei's earning schemes are multi-fold:

  • Fast Action Bonus (FAB) -- As soon as you enroll to Solavei, you have 60 days to enjoy this. This scheme pays you $50 for every three new members you sign up, for up to 4 sets of three new members or 4 "Trios." Thus, if you get to sign up the full 12 people required within the first 60 days of your Solavei membership, you get paid a maximum of $200. 
  • Trio Pay  -- This is the regular way to earn via Solavei. You earn $20 for every three people you sign up, or a "Trio." For every "Trio" you enroll directly into Solavei, $20 gets credited to your Solavei PayCard. Your Trios' Trios will also earn their keep: For every three people that one of the three people you've signed up refers to Solavei, you also get $20 from that. This payment scheme does not have an expiry period.
  • Path Pay -- This is the true "multi-level marketing scheme" feature of Solavei's earnings system. The Path Pay is calculated based on the number of Trios you have under you. For example, a "Social Partner" gets paid $50 for 4 sets of Trios under him: Even through just one Trio, but if the Trios have a Trio each under them, the Social Partner gets $50 monthly. If the Social Partner has 8 total Trios within his circle of Trios, then he stands to be paid $100 monthly. The payouts increase as the number of Trios in a Social Member's network increases.
  • Path Bonus -- Maybe you're passionate about MLM and phone plans with great value. Maybe you're passionate about earning. Whichever, but if you get to sign up 12 Trios, Solavei will pay you $500. Let's say you're more than passionate, you're burning to get Trios under your belt. If you sign up 100 Trios, or a total of 300 people, Solavei will reward you with $2000. And just in case you're capable of signing on 6000 people to Solavei, you get a cool $20,000 USD. 
What Is Solavei Membership Schemes? 
Solavei knows that not everyone can and wants to enjoy their phone service, so they have made things easier for its would-be members.
  • "Service Member" --Maybe you don't want to network and you don't want to earn. So if you just want to enjoy $49 for unlimited calls, texts, and 4GB of 4G Internet, then this is what you will be.
  • "Social Member With Service" -- You want the service, and you want to earn. So if you want to do all that and earn up to the Path Bonus of a whopping 20k USD while enjoying T-Mobile powered 4G mobile Internet, this is the membership you should go for.
  • "Social Member Only" -- Now, if you're happy with your current mobile network and would just want a shot at that cool 20k USD, then this is the membership you can go for. For $149 yearly or $12.42 monthly, this gives you the chance to earn via Solavei, but without the cellphone service.
Now you know the basics of what is Solavei. As you can see, the phone plan will pay for itself, and possibly a trip to Europe, Asia, Africa or even Down Under. Or a new smartphone. Or five new smartphones. Or a new laptop. Or something to stash into your retirement funds. Whatever you're going to do with your Solavei money, it does not matter. All that matters is that Solavei gives you an avenue to earn, and earn big.

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